Teaberry Records dates back to the medieval town of Vassily. In the year 1339, Vassily experienced a great efflorescence of culture in response to what history has come to call "The Coming of the Troll." A horrible, disgusting troll and his gargantuan mouse companion were infamous in the Kingdom. They terrorized towns, drinking barrels of beer and knocking down cathedrals and towers in their drunken rage. The armies of Vassily were exhausted from a recent battle which proved indecisive, so the town took the novel approach of beautifying their city so the troll could not stand to destroy it. Read more about the fascinating history of Vassily.

Many cultural institutions were developed during this tumultuous period. Teaberry was originally a patronage of singers and actors who portrayed elaborate stories in song, a precursor to opera. In the 17th century, the company came under dwarf ownership, successfully opening one of the first coffee houses in London. The coffeeshop became famous as a venue for dwarfish ballad-singing and puppetry. The time was ripe to take the show on the road, and the dwarves traveled all over Europe, Asia, and Africa singing songs and staging entertainments. This phase of Teaberry ended tragically on a dangerous trek through the Sahara desert, when all the dwarfs but Ylgar the Handsome died of thirst. It was up to him to run Teaberry records all alone, but his business acumen failed to match his famous good looks, and the company was seized by a Florentine goldsmith named Giuseppi Tiobaldo, who turned the company into a producer of illuminated manuscripts.

And the rest, they say, is history!

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